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Institute of Technology Management
Shin, Kyoung Marvin
Name : Shin, Kyoung Marvin
Title : Assistant Professor
Tel : 03-5742248
Fax : 03-5623770
Email :
Education : Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D.,
Department of Political Science
Experience : 【Academic Appointments】
● 2017/2- , Assistant Professor,
National Tsing-Hua University,
Institute of Technology Management
● 2015/5- 2017/1, Associate Professor,
Wuhan University,
School of Political Science and Public Administration
● 2016/7-2016/12, Fellow,
Hertie School of Governance,
Dahrendorf Forum, Europe-China Relations

【Academic Affiliations】
● 2016/7-2016/8, Visiting Scholar,
National Tsing Hua University,
Institute of Technology Management
● 2014/9-2015/8, Visiting Senior Scholar,
National Taiwan University,
Graduate Institute of Building and Planning
● 2010/8-2013/8, Visiting Fellow,
Peking University,
Institute of Environment & Economy,
College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
● 2010/12-2012/7, Visiting Fellow
Tsinghua University,
School of Public Policy & Management,
Center for Industrial Development and
Environmental Governance
● 2010/8-2012/4, Visiting Scholar,
Tsinghua University,
School of Law Visiting Scholar,
Center for Environmental, Natural Resources &
Energy Law

【Professional Experience】
● 2005/4-2006/4, Associate, ICF Consulting, Inc
● 2001/11-2002/1,Disaster Relief Specialist,
American Red Cross, Brooklyn Chapter
● 1999/5-1999/8, Summer Labor Organizer,
Korean Immigrant Workers Advocates (KIWA)
Research : Local Governance;
China’s Environmental & Energy Policy, Politics, and Governance;
Center-Local Relations;
State-Society Relations;
Political Economy of High-Tech Innovation
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