培養跨領域整合型管理人才 - 全台起薪最高的管理學群研究所

Future Prospect



'Technology Management' is an innovative academic unit of management that has rapidly emerged and grown in recent years in Taiwan. Our priorities for study concentrate on offering a model of case analysis that incorporates rigorous empirical research and corporate practice. After our establishment, the National Tsinghua University Institute of Technology Management has continued prudential planning and substantial growth in all aspects of industry and academia, including school operation, teacher expansion, promotion of education, cooperation within the industry, and even marching to the international stage. Our direction of development will continue to shift towards the following four points in the future:

  1. 推廣產學的多元合作與交流

    Promoting diversified partnerships and exchanges between industry and universities

    By setting up a knowledge base, setting up website content, holding seminars, developing, and publishing research papers, and providing more solid databases for Taiwan's future high-tech industries, we continue to promote trade opportunities with the industry.
  2. 國際化的教育與知識中心

    Establishing international education and information center

    Establish strategic alliances with organizations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tsinghua University in Beijing, and Ecole Business School in Paris, as well as with well-known universities in the United States, mainland China, and Europe. The approaches include the exchange of instructor visits, the exchange of professors, the exchange of students, and the exchange of courses.
  3. 全面向的研究探討

    Developing comprehensive research

    We aim to perform academic studies and seminars which takes into account the economic functions of the state, government, community, non-profit organizations and social enterprises, etc. 
  4. 專業的師資陣容

    Professional teacher lineup

    Our professors concentrate on a wide scope of topics, including: Innovation and entrepreneurship, intellectual property rights, the evolution of industries and organizations, national innovation systems, total quality management , service systems, knowledge management, e-commerce, information systems and network management , energy transition and regional growth, and more. The industries they focus on, 
    including computers, semiconductors, biotechnology, professional services, corporate finance, and public departments of government are also very diverse. At present, 11 full-time professors and 5 part-time professors have been recruited to dedicate themselves to scientific and technological management-related research, development, and education. We will aggressively employ experts in more fields in the future to achieve the objective of being an education and research unit for management and innovation.