培養跨領域整合型管理人才 - 全台起薪最高的管理學群研究所

Unique courses


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    CEO 下午茶


    CEO Teatime

    During this course, ITM students can gain valuable practical experience through face-to-face conversations with leaders of contemporary industry. We invite leaders of various emerging industries, including quality agriculture, medical care, service innovation,green energy, intelligent manufacturing and transportation, biotechnology, and other related fields, to share their insight. Furthermore, with the reading and discussion of a series of books, we will lead students to enter enterprises, understand the actual operation of the industry, and then cultivate a new generation of outstanding leaders with an international outlook and an all-round vision.

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    Tsing Hua Entrepreneurship Lab
    Through mutual exchanges with students from TsingHua University in Beijing and learning exchanges from these different places, this project gathers TsingHua elites from both sides of the strait to build a cross-regional, cross-field,and cross-generational team to provide innovative solutions for enterprises as well as create common values.

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    學生可選修清華大學科管所「創業管理」課程,課程內容為實際到泰國 以「亞洲矽谷」和「新南向政策」為依據,針對「智慧城市」、「綠色能源」以及「傳統 產業升級」三大產業,探討以中小規模為主的台灣廠商進入東南亞市場的創新營運模式實習,將與泰國 mentor 及台經院共同指導學生,工作內容主要是協助台灣新創公司或台商在泰國落地並開拓當地市場,提供一站式的服務。

    Asia Silicon Valley Innovative Operating Models 
    Students can choose to take the "Entrepreneurship Management" course from the Institute of Technology Management of National Tsing Hua University, which is based on the concepts of "Silicon Valley of Asia" and the "The New South Bound Policy"for the three major industries of "Smart City", "Green Energy" and "Upgrading of Traditional Industries". This allows students to explore the innovative operation mode of small and medium-scale Taiwanese manufacturers entering the Southeast Asian market. The internship will be conducted with Thai mentors and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research to guide students. The primary mission of this course is to assist Taiwanese start-ups or Taiwanese companies with landing in Thailand and exploring the local markets in order to provide one-stop services.