培養跨領域整合型管理人才 - 全台起薪最高的管理學群研究所



  1. 我們注重科技與人文的交流,以豐富多元的的課程吸引各個領域的優秀學子加入科技管理大家庭,為高科技產業之經營及高等教育之知識傳遞,儲備頂尖的人力資源。
    We pay attention to the relationship between technology and humanities, attract outstanding students in different fields to join the family of technology management with rich and varied courses, and reserve top human capital for high-tech industry management and higher education knowledge transfer.
  2. 除了強調紮根於台灣、發揚於國際的實務經驗與學術理論,我們亦將系統的整理台灣產業智慧,分析產業政策意涵,以提供企業與政府之決策參考。
    We also systematically organize Taiwan's industrial wisdom and examine the consequences of industrial policies to provide reference for decision-making by companies and governments, in addition to stressing the practical experience and theories rooted in Taiwan and promoted internationally.
  3. 我們擁有優秀的師資與相關資源,不僅培育學術研究人才,更致力於推廣回流教育,歡迎有豐富工作經驗及科技背景的經理人員在職進修,共搭產學之間的合作橋樑。
    We have outstanding educators and related resources. We not only nurture talents in academic science, but we are also committed to fostering education for managers with rich work experience and scientific and technical backgrounds to return to the university after graduating.