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R1碩士生修業規定 Master’s Student Degree Requirements
C-碩士班課程規劃 Master Program Curriculum Overview
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    【碩士生】國立清華大學學術研究倫理教育課程實施要點 (Master’s student) National Tsing Hua University’s Key Points of Implementing Academic Research Ethics for Education Curriculum

    1.自 104 學年度(含)起入學之碩、博士班學生,均須於入學第一學年結束 前修習本課程。

    1. Students enrolled in the master and doctoral programs from the academic year 104 (inclusive) must take this course before the end of the first academic year.
    2. Students who have not completed this course are not allowed to apply for the degree examination.
    3. Please refer to the attachment for relevant regulations and measures.

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    【碩士生】碩士生課程規劃 (Master’s student) Master Program Curriculum Overview

    For Master's program curriculum overview, please refer to “Students” on the school website.

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    【碩士生】學分抵免(Master’s student) Transfer Credit


    Principles of Transferring Credit for Master Class of the Institute of Technology Management:
    1. A maximum of two courses for the University System of Taiwan.
    2. Compulsory courses' credits are not transferable. Only credits for "elective" courses are transferable.
    3. All courses offered by the Institute of Technology Management of Tsing Hua University are recognized.
    4. Applicants should request to transfer credits in the "Academic Information Systems" within one week of admission, printing out the application form and turn it in to the department office. After the department has reviewed it, applicants should return it to the Division of Registration for login.

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    (Master’s student) Master Student Course Exchange Application Form


    During the period of study in our institute, master students who need to take courses from other departments as our "Elective Courses for Graduation Credits," please follow the steps below.
    (1) Fill out the application form for course exchange
    (2) Get signature of the advisor or supervisor
    (3) Send the form to the department office
    (4) Check if the director's review is passed
    【Additional explanation】
    1. All the master's courses offered by the Institute of Technology Management are recognized, and there's no need to fill in this application form. (course number: starts with TM)
    2. All the master's courses offered by other departments (Department of Economics, Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of Service Science, and Department of Science and Law) are all recognized and there's no need to fill in this application form. (course number starts with 5 or above)
    3. For courses other than the ones mentioned above, please fill in the application form for course exchange. Please refer to the attachment for details.

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    【碩士生】碩士生指導教授認證單 (Master’s student) Master's Student Faculty Advisor Form

    1. 本所碩士班研究生應於研一下學期四月三十日前,確認指導教授,並將此認證單送至所辦。
    2. 指導教授應以「本所專任教授」為主,若認其他系所或他校之教授為指導教授,應請本所一名專任教授擔任共同指導教授。

    1. Master's students from our institute should confirm the advisor and send the advisor form to the department office before April 30th of the second semester.
    2. The advisor is expected to be "full-time professors in our institute." If students choose a professor from another department or another university, they are required to choose another advisor (a full-time professor from our institute) to be a co-advisor.
    3. Please refer to Thesis Advisor Form in the attachment for details.

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