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Space Borrowing


  • 01

    • 借用前請先閱讀 【科管所空間管理辦法】
      Before borrowing, please read the “Administrative Regulations on ITM venue”
  • 02

    • 確認會議室、教室的 【目前借用情形】
      Confirm the“Current borrowing status of meeting rooms / classrooms”
  • 03

    • 填寫【借用表單】
      Fill out the “Borrow Form”
  • 04

    • 借用申請 【審核通過】
      Loan application “Approved”
  • 05

    • 審核過的會議室/教室申請噌 顯示在【目前借用情形】上 並同時Email到申請人所填寫 的Email
      The approved application for meeting room/classroom will be displayed on “Current Borrowing Status”, at the same timeapplicants will receive a confirmation email
  • 06

    • 申請人於欲使用會議室/教室 的當日到所辦借用鑰匙或門 禁卡
      Applicants should come to the ITM office to borrow keys or access cards on the date they have applied.


  1. 本辦法適用科技管理研究所(以下簡稱本所)管理之405討論室、549會議室、802會議室。

  2. 空間優先借用對象:

    (1) 405討論室以本所碩士生為優先借用。
    (2) 549會議室以本所教師為優先借用。
    (3) 802會議室以本所博士生為優先借用。
  3. 借用者如臨時放棄使用,請於借用時段前來電告知,於登記時段超過二十分鐘未到,視同取消借用。

  4. 空間使用完畢應恢復原狀,熄滅電燈、冷氣、確實關閉投影機及窗戶,並將私人物品移除、黑白板擦乾淨、清理桌椅維持室內環境之整潔,並請共同愛護各項公務設備之使用,如有毀損情況應負損害賠償責任。

  5. 鑰匙務必於借用當日歸還


Administrative Regulations on ITM venue

1. These regulations apply to the discussion room 405, meeting room 549, and meetingroom 802 managed by the Institute of Technology Management (ITM).

2. Preferred borrowed members:
  1. The discussion room 405 is preferably borrowed by master students of ITM.
  2. The meeting room  549 is preferably borrowed by the professors of ITM.
  3. The meeting room 802 is preferably borrowed by doctoral students of ITM.
3. If the borrower wants to give up the borrowed venue, please call to inform the ITM office before the borrowing time. If the borrower does not arrive within 20 minutes of the start of the borrowing time, it will be regarded as a cancellation.

4. After using the venue, the venue should be restored to its original status.Please don’t leave your personal belongings. The lights, air conditioners, projector and windows need to be turned off. The blackboard, whiteboard, desk and chairs should be cleaned as well. If there’s any damage, the borrower shall be liable for damages.

5. The key must be returned on the date of borrowing.

If you fail to comply with the above, the ITM office will give penalty points and no longer provide the right to borrow ITM venues.