培養跨領域整合型管理人才 - 全台起薪最高的管理學群研究所




With the rapid expansion of technological innovation and entrepreneurship in Taiwan in recent years , the demand for industry and academia 's leadership and research talents has also increased. In view of this, the Institute of Technology Management of National Tsing Hua University was established in 2000 and established the doctoral program in 2005.


Our teaching and research themes are focused on the combination of rigorous theoretical theories and corporate management practices in response to the era of the knowledge economy, and the objective is to create an excellent leadership center for technology and innovation management research based in Taiwan and Asia. Technology Management is the main axis of our development. We also integrate technical knowledge of the technology sector and technology R & D, in addition to concentrating on all types of general business management courses. We especially emphasize practical orientation in terms of curriculum design, offer practical courses related to entrepreneurship management, encourage students to go to Southeast Asia and Beijing Tsinghua for internships, improve international student exchanges and enhance international perspectives; there is also a national first" CEO Afternoon Tea "lecture. We invite a variety of well-known industry senior managers to have face-to-face conversations with students to help students understand industry developments and current events.